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All of Magenta’s products are proudly manufactured in the USA using environmentally friendly recyclable materials, and can be customized to your specifications with our unique printing process. The result? Amazingly clear reproductions of any image or photo you want to see on your cup.

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They say beauty is only skin deep. But what a skin it is! Inside, the hot stays hot and the cold stays cold. But on the outside, you can’t help but notice this American beauty’s photograph-sharp, clear imagery. We call it the Magenta Classic Cup.

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For a hot beverage cup, this is pretty cool. Rhythmic, flowing swirls of color that excite the mind and engage the senses. No status quo here. Each cup is as individual as you are, and as you choose to be. We call it the Vibe.

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It stands tall above the crowd taking its place in the spotlight with confident elegance. At first glance and first touch you notice something special. When only the best will do, it’s the right choice. We call it the Elite.

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